Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leg pain or Sciatica-What is it and how to stop it.

Sciatica is a symptom of a problem-usually the result of a nerve being compressed.

Patients usually describe the pain as a Sharp, shooting leg pain, tingling or weakness that can travel all the way down either the front or the back of the leg.

Most of the time the cause is a disc in the lower lumbar spine  compressing a nerve-or a entrapment in the piriformis muscle

In our NYC  Sciatica practice we see patients that suffer with Chronic Sciatica or Acute Sciatica symptoms.

The first group of Chronic Sciatica patients have had medications, physical therapy and some have have had multiple spine injections. If they have not had any Chiropractic adjustments that is one the first things we want to start with, we usually want to start with gentle and effective Cox flexion distraction methods.

Understanding the source of the problem is paramount so if a patient does not already have a recent MRI we refer out to a local MRI facility. If it turns out the disc is herniated and placing pressure on the spinal cord and or nerve roots we would consider the patient for Spinal decompresion.
Spinal decompression is a highly effective treatment for patients that have herniated discs that are causing Sciatica symptoms.

Our practice was one of the first in NYC to offer Spinal decompression and we continue to provide Back pain and Sciatica patients with the most comprehensive non-surgical treatments available.

The Acute patient is a patient that has leg pain or buttocks pain and the pain is the only thing on the patients mind, it can brought on by a sudden movement and the symptoms will prevent the patient from doing simple things like putting on socks or brushing teeth.

When someone has Leg pain that is interfering with the way they walk it can be scary.
If you have had any previous experience with this symptom, you would know going to a New York City hospital would eat up 5-6 hours of your day and you would be lucky to walk out with a expensive aspirin.
We offer a Non-surgical, Non-invasive solution to those suffering with Sciatica and Chronic back pain.
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Sciatica can be painful and difficult to treat-
We offer patients a permanent non surgical solution-
Treatments include Active Release technique, Spinal decompression, Cox flexion distraction
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