Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Herniated disc diagnosis- Now what?

If you have been suffering with back pain or nerve related arm or leg pain chances are that you have been told by your doctor to get a MRI of your Lumbar or Cervical spine. Why was the MRI ordered and what will the MRI tell you about your condition.
 The MRI is short for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging- It is the gold standard for documenting soft tissue injuries. Most of the time the source is from nerve irritation due to a Bulging or Herniated disc.
 Most of the time just because you have been diagnosed with a Herniated or Bulging disc doesn't mean you need a surgery,so relax there are effective non-surgical treatment.

If you have a MRI report or an disc and you are interested in understanding the best non-surgical treatment options call us (212) 645-8151 to learn more about our NYC back pain and herniated disc treatment center.
 Most of the time when you go to a orthopedist or spine surgeon with a herniated or bulging disc the treatment involves 6 weeks of physical therapy and after that usually a epidural or or recommendations for a surgical consult.
We have found that a combined approach using non-surgical spinal decompression, gentle Chiropractic adjustments and core-strengthing Physical therapy not only alleviate symptoms but succesfully decrease the degree of the actual disc herniation and post MRI clearly demonstrate reduced or even complete reduction in nerve pressure.