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Cervical disc herniation treatment in NYC

Cervical disc herniation treatment in NYC

One of the most common conditions that we see in our office is that of patients dealing with pain due to a cervical herniated disc.
The image above is a cross-section of a disc and spinal cord and nerve root.
The center of the spinal disc is called the nucleus and the outer layers are called the annulus fibrosus.

I circled the disc bulging that is putting pressure on the left spinal nerve root.
If this disc is putting pressure on the fifth cervical nerve root the patient would feel pain,numbness, burning in and around the upper arm area.

Cervical Radiculopathy is a medical terminology used to describe Nerve damage caused by severe pressure to the cervical nerve roots. Common cause include disc bulging or disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis osteoarthritis, and facet syndrome.
Symptoms can include pain, numbness, tingling, and or muscle weakness in the regions of the shoulders, arms, hands or fingers.
Very often unless a patient has had a cervical MRI patients could assume that they have carpal tunnel syndrome (which is pain in the wrist and hands).

 If you suffer with unresolved neck pain or if you experience any pain in arm or hands the first thing we do is refer our patient for a MRI of the region so we can understand what is going on.
Our office has a excellent relationship with a local MRI facility so if you do not have a MRI we can usually see a patient and have patients seen same day.

Above is a simple Dermatome map
A dermatome is a region of skin supplied by nerve fibers originating from a single spinal nerve root. Compression of the nerve roots affects sensation in the corresponding dermatome.
The most common nerve root injuries caused by herniated discs are the levels of C5 nerve-C7 nerve

For the past 10 years our office has used Non surgical spinal decompression for patients suffering with herniated and bulging discs.
Spinal decompression is extremely safe with no side effects. Pressure within a disc can be reversed, drawing in fluid as well as the herniated disc material. This removes pressure from nerve roots and relieves pain.

If you live or work in NYC we are currently offering a no-charge initial consultation and a review of MRI findings. To learn more call 212-627-8149 or visit

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