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Back pain NYC, Herniated disc and back pain. Now what?

NYC Disc spinal decompression specialists-
New York City’s premiere facility dedicated to non-surgical, non-invasive treatment of Back pain, Sciatica and herniated discs.

Question: I have a herniated disc in my lower back, is surgery the only option to fix it?
Question: I have a herniated disc in my lower back, what are my options to fix it?

A herniated disc can be a scary diagnosis for anyone especially if you are active. The disc is the jelly like substance between your back bones “vertebrae”. The disc helps to provide space for the exiting nerve roots and helps to cushion weight carried throughout the spine. The disc is a structure that has a poor blood supply, so once it is injured it generally it does not heal properly and degenerates with time. This middle of the disc is called the nucleous and it moves or herniates and it can put pressure on very delicate nerves and cause pain or weakness.

The most common symptoms when the disc that is involved in the lower spine is Sciatica, Sciatica refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg.
It is caused by injury to or compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and is comprised of nerve structures from the lumbar nerve roots L4, L5, and Sacral nerve roots 1-3.
The traditional medical model involves medication to reduce inflammation and analgesics to reduce pain as well as physical therapy to strengthen core muscles.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be a successful treatment for management of the herniated disc and effective in reducing low back pain.
A fairly new treatment has been used that is non-surgical and not only decreases pain but helps to restore the discs height and reduce the disc herniation.
It is called spinal decompression; this non-invasive treatment has been utilized worldwide with an impressive success rate close to 90%. When this method is combined with a physical therapy program designed to strengthen Core muscles the results are impressive. Spinal decompression involves specialized equipment that gently lengthens the spine which helps create a vacuum and the injured disc level. This vacuum allows the disc material to return its normal position. If you are diagnosed with a herniated disc it is in your best interest to learn more about this treatment.

Dr. Steven Shoshany DC,CCEP, CKTP
Dr Steven Shoshany is a NYC Chiropractor that specializes in treatment of the Herniated disc utilizing the most advanced non-surgical methods.
Methods include Spinal decompression, Cold laser therapy, Oxygen therapy and SpineForce 3D rehabilitation and soft tissue methods like the Graston technique and deep tissue massage.
Dr. Shoshany is a Chiropractor and practices in Manhattan at Living Well Medical a Comprehensive Rehab center the offers Physical therapy, Spinal decompression, Cold laser therapy, Chiropractic, Medical massage and Pain management.

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