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Extremity Pain (buttock,leg calf) pain treatment in NYC-Back pain NYC-Herniated disc NYC

Back pain NYC?
Herniated disc NYC-Sciatica NYC

Treatment for shooting pain down the leg like SCIATICA in Manhattan,NYC call(212)645-8151

Lower extremity (buttock,leg, calf) pain, which radiates from the low back, is usually the result of pressure on a nerve.

The disc
The discs of the spine receive nourishment through blood vessels until approximately the age of 20. At this point,the disc has been filled with a lifetime supply of nourishment. However,the disc has to make that supply of nourishment last a lifetime, Through aging and with normal wear and tear, we use the nourishment and all experience a slow degeneration of the discs of the spine. This is normal aging.

The more "Stress" you put on the disc, the more you use up the nourishment, weaking and deteriorating the disc, creating a problem. One of the amazing benefits of spinal decompression is that it heightens the disc space, and is seen to return it to a more normal size and functional state.

The disc is the shock absorber that sits between two vertebras. It consists of a soft jelly-like material in the center, called the nucleus pulposis, and a firm outer band called the annulus fibrosis, like a rubber band surrounding the disc, holds it together. As we age and use the disc, the nourishment gets used and dries up, which causes it to shrink- or degenerate.
When the disc height collapses, the nearby spinal nerves can become compressed, leading to lower extremity (buttocks, leg and calf) pain.

Herniated disc treatment in Manhattan NYC
Herniated disc
Herniated discs (also referred to as ruptured discs), often create confusion between herniated discs, so lets make it clear.
A disc can bulge without herniating. When the jelly-like nucleus pulposis is under pressure, it can bulge.
But, when the pressure is excessive, it ca herniate (rupture) through the outer band called the annulus fibrosis.
As the "herniated" disc materials spills out, a portion can press on a nerve, causing pain and accompanying radiation and weakness of the muscle involved.
The nerve can get "pinched" resulting in the condition of Sciatica, radiating pain to the buttocks and/or lower extremity (leg and calf).
Over 90% or herniated discs occur in the lowest two levels of the lumbar spine, between L4/L5 and L5/S1.
Spinal decompression-
The effect of decompression-
Spinal decompression takes pressure of the disc.
During treatment on the decompression therapy table, the disc heightens, the space opens up, pressure comes off the nerve, and jelly material that has herniated gets slowly drawn back into the disc. The other amazing feature is that the disc can once again receive nourishment when the jelly material (containing the nourishment) gets drawn back into the disc.

Manhattan herniated disc treatment

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A fantastic 3D tutorial on Herniated discs

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have been visiting a physical therapist in Manhattan for my herniated disc, and things are starting to heal and feel a lot better. I love my physical therapist.